The Senior Options Programme is a unique feature of St Andrew’s College. The programme provides students with the opportunity to study subject areas that will broaden their outlook, generate insight into career and general life skills and equip them with skills for advancement in their studies. All students in the Senior School are involved in the Options Programme in addition to their academic studies. Your option class is timetabled on Monday, Period 6, for six periods each term, apart from Term 4.

    In order to meet requirements for the Senior College Diploma, two-year students will need to complete five options and one-year students will need to complete three options. The awarding of a credit for each option results from full participation in the option course chosen.  

    Year 12 students are to choose at least one option involving physical activity in line with our commitment to health and wellness goals. 

    Ms Hampson and Mrs Bevin manage the Senior College Options Programme. Mrs Bevin, Operational Manager, will be your contact person from 2018 onwards. Please direct any queries to Mrs Bevin via email TBE@stac.school.nz or call into her office off SCS204. Office times will be added here in due course.


    All students view all options available on this Moodle site BEFORE selecting their options for each given year.

    Year 12 students choose (4) options [Options for Terms 1-3, plus a back-up option]. 

    Year 13 students choose (3) options [Options for Terms 1-2, plus a back-up option]. 

    IMPORTANT: If you are involved in a scholarship class on Monday Period 6, please see Mrs Bevin to discuss your options.

    It is important that you check the price of each option prior to registration. Staff personally contact the parents of students to seek consent for participation in an option where 1) a risk factor has been identified [e.g. fixed wing flying, surfing, scuba diving]; and 2) where an option class fee exceeds $160.00. We are currently looking into an electronic consent process for all option classes. Option class fees are disbursed once registration is finalised. 

    Students ideally choose an option from (5) of the (6) themes over the two-year period in the Senior College. The themes are listed below:   

    • Sport
    • Art and Culture
    • Global Living
    • Career Entry Skills
    • Industry Skills
    • Driving Skills 

    4.   The SharePoint registration system will open for 2018 registrations on the 31st January 2018. It will operate on a “first-in, first served” basis although Year 13's are given priority registration in some cases. The SharePoint registration system can be found on the Intranet under Culture – bottom left of page – Senior College Options Selection – please make sure you are signed into SharePoint otherwise the options link will not be visible.

    5.      SharePoint registration for Senior College Options will close on the 7th February 2018 at 4:00pm. Students will have some opportunity to change their options for Terms 2 and 3 during 2018 but this will be a very small window of 3 days at the end of each term. Email reminders will be sent out to students during the year to remind them of these dates.

    A reminder, please direct any queries to Mrs Bevin via email TBE@stac.school.nz or call into her office off SCS204. Office times will be added here in due course.