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    As you will be aware, learning development is occurring at a fast rate. Leading educators are calling the current transition from reading-based learning to web-based learning a paradigm shift - it is the most aggressive and expansive change ever experienced.  For our children this raises the all important question, "What is it they need to know?"  The school’s direction is clear, the children need to be as literate and numerate as possible.  They also need a competent skill-set (knowledge, strategies and understanding) to be ready and able to embrace a life-time of learning and change. In addition, and perhaps the most crucial of all, is the need for high-end emotional intelligence (EQ). The children require outstanding relationship skills, and the more diverse and complex the exposure through the primary years, the better. We are fortunate, in this school, to have a wonderfully diverse mix of people.

    I use the section 'Principal's View - Learning Connections' to post points of interest for parents. Please do not hesitate to contact me about your views and thoughts. 

    Jonathan Bierwirth

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