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'National Talent Centre' for Ellis Hare-Reid

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'National Talent Centre' for Ellis Hare-Reid
by Emma Muir - Monday, 24 February 2014, 1:26 PM

Ellis Hare-Reid (Year 11) has been selected again for the 'National Talent Centre' (NTC) this April- this is his fourth time. Ellis is the only goal-keeper selected in the top 50 players in New Zealand in his age group. He was invited last October to attend an Academy in the UK for training and trials, where he will be going to eight professional UK clubs to develop his game.  


Ellis was also invited to a training camp in Perth Australia in January with four other boys in his age group from Christchurch to develop their game. Ellis was the only goal-keeper and played with U18's. He has been asked to be a guest player to the U17 national club tournament in Auckland, in March.