Information about the Bronze award...

All Year 10 students are registered for Bronze by the College. The award is part of the Year 10 programme.  

SKILLS: complete a hobbie or non-physical activity EG learn to bake and present the recipes used. (13 hours minimum).

SERVICE: give help in the local community or at school. Complete the Year 10 first aid course (Term 3) and then 6 other hours (minimum) of service EG coach a prep school team, baby sit for the neighbour.

PHYSICAL REC: play a sport or complete a regular fitness activity EG play a team sport for school (13 hours minimum).

The above 3 sections should occur over a minimum of 3 months and on an average of either 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight or 4 hours per month. Total minimum hours 13. One of the above sections needs to be done over 6 months. 

ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY: complete training and a practice journey (at Year 10 winter camp) before completing a final expedition (at Term 4 Year 10 camp).

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