Introduction to Fly Fishing

Monday Afternoon

Weeks 1 - 2: St Andrew's College - location on field TBA

Weeks 3 - 6: Waimakariri River and tributaries



 Areas of study:

  • What is a good fly rod and the right fly line;
  • Reading the water;
  • What flies to use; 
  • Fly casting; 
  • Fishing excursions; 
  • Gear provided.

Training Provider: Jack Kos 

Jack Kos (below) is a 'fly-fishing obsessive' who is currently completing a PhD in History on the Introduction of Trout to New Zealand. When he is not researching trout in archives or old newspapers he is usually found miles up a backcountry river with a pack on his back and a rod in his hand.

Training Fee: $300.00 including transport and gear hire. 

Class Size: 15 students [minimum 10]

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