Defensive Driving

Monday / Wednesday

6:30pm - 8:30pm (throughout the year)

St Andrew's College Cricket Pavillion

4 x two hour sessions - new course each month

1 hour practical with driving instructor


Areas of Study:

  • Causes of crashes;
  • Your driving profile;
  • Searching and assessing hazards;
  • Reducing risks.

On completion of course candidates will get six months off restricted license.

Training Provider:               Mike Smith

Training Fee:                       $135.00 (approximate cost subject to class size)

Special Conditions:

  • Learners License holder - complete this course just before sitting your restricted.
  • Restricted License holder - complete this course at any time. It will reduce the full license requirement by six months.  

Practical driving sessions on completion of theory.

Class Size:                           10 - 15 students

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