Philosophers Corner

Monday Afternoon

Period 6

St Andrew's College

Room: TBA


Please note, Year 13's will be given first priority for places in this Option Class.

Philosophy means "love of wisdom". In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other.

Areas of Study:

  • The Great Philosophers - who were they? Who are they?;
  • Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics explained;
  • A focus on analytic philosophy.

Training Providers: Fiona Dalzell, UC PhD Student [see Fiona's bio below]

Training Fee:         $60.00

Class Size:            8-12 students

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Fiona Dalzell

Fiona first qualified from Massey University, New Zealand as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1985. She worked in small animal clinical practice in New Zealand before moving to the UK. Being based in Europe enabled her to work and study all over the world. Fiona gained a qualification as a fully certified Urban Bear Handler from the North American Bear Centre in the U.S.

While in England she completed a B.A. in English and Philosophy, and then honours in Philosophy, where her dissertation gained a first class pass. She has returned to New Zealand and is now enrolled in a PhD in Philosophy at Canterbury University, arguing from a traditional Kantian perspective that some animals are moral agents, with full moral capacity.

She was a lecturer at the University of Canterbury in Environmental Ethics (Philosophy 249) in 2017, and has lectured at various academic conferences and at public presentations on subjects as diverse as teaching in veterinary science, Kantian perspectives on teaching, feminist perspectives on philosophy, animal welfare, animal rights, industrial agriculture and veganism.

She won the Denise Russel prize for best presentation at the Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference in 2015, and won the South Island New Zealand Showcase for the best Research presentation in the Arts in 2016.

Her publications include journal articles on animal welfare, feminism and ethics, and she has also widely published fiction, and is a member of the Author’s Society in both the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Her outside interests include, adventure sea kayaking, paragliding, caving, rock climbing and mountaineering, and she has a competition aerobatics rating in gliders.

Her life partner, a spaniel called Florence, came with her to New Zealand from the UK.

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