Forklift Driving

How not to drive a forklift!

Half day course [8am-1:30pm-2:00pm] - various times throughout the year, including Saturday mornings BUT ONLY IF requested. Please check your Forklift Course date carefully once allocated [your date will be visible beside your name on the Master Roll] and contact Mrs Bevin asap if you wish to change the date. You cannot change your course date within three days of the course running. If you do not turn up to your course on the day the cost of $155.00 will still be disbursed.

Provider: Mainland Driving School, Hornby, Christchurch


Areas of study:

  • OSH requirements for forklift driving;
  • Practical experience in operating a forklift;
  • Forklift Operator's Certificate for both inside and outside work;
  • NCEA Level 3 [7 credits].

Training Provider:  Mainland Driving School

Training Fee:         $155.00 plus transport if required

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