Cast List ..'The Nutcracker'



(any double cast roles are not yet assigned to any particular show times) 



SCENE 1:   ‘Christmas Eve – a Grand Party

Maids                                      Sophie, Sophia, Emma (High School)

Butler                                      Te Koha (High School)

Little Mice -                             All Year 2 

Little Clara  -                           Annie Young 

Clara’s friends                         All Year's 3 & 4 

Fritz                                         Tom

Fritz’s best friend                    Aaron 

Mother                                    Evelyn (HS)

Mayor                                      Frankie (HS)

Parent Guests                        Ayla, Kate, Grace, Abby, Holly, Anika, Mauve (HS)

Uncle Drosselmeyer               Juliette (HS)


    Porcelain Dolls                    All Year 6 girls

    Soldier Captain                   Rhys Marshall

    Soldier Dolls                       All Year 5 girls

    Soldiers                              Fraser and Christian



SCENE 2:  ‘Midnight’ 

Clara’s Dream & Battle 


            Mice & Soldiers          All Yr 7 & 8 (roles to be determined)

            Nutcracker                  Padric Ballard

            Mouse King                Jai Bartlett

            Clara                           Charlotte Brown 


SCENE 3:  ‘The Land of Snow’ 


NOTE: the group rehearsal time for this scene is Thursdays - both at lunchtime and at end of Pointe 2 class (4.15-4.45pm) …you need to attend both to be included in this scene. If you can only attend one, let Dr Cairns know to discuss. This is a big, beautiful scene!


Snow Queen     Anika Boet


Snowflakes       Group 1 - Yr 10 and Company (en pointe) 

                              Grace, Kate, Evelyn, Frankie, Juliette


                          Group 2 – Yr 8 & 9 girls (demi-pointe)

                                Tehya, Tegan, Lily, Lucy, Alice, Milla, Sophie, Emma,

                                 Holly (to consider en pointe), Ayla, Mauve                                    


Angels*               --- yet to be selected




SCENE 1: ‘Land of Sweets’ 

Opening Scene

Angels*                                   --- yet to be selected

Sugar Plum Fairy                    Evelyn/Kate (HS)

Sugar Plum Attendants           All Year 6 girls (10, Jenna away)       

Cavaliers                                 Jai, Rhys, TK, Quentin, Harry

Arabians                                  ‘Pointe Beginner’ class (Chloe, Milly, Annika,

                                                      Poppy, Ella) – not en pointe

Little Arabians*                       (‘extra’ - to be selected)



            Spanish                        Juliette (HS)

              & Pas de trios            Ayla, Holly, Mauve



            Arabian                       Grace (HS)

              & her dancers            All Yr 7 girls             

              & Little Arabians*      ‘extra’ to be selected



            Russian                        Frankie (HS)

              & Russian Dolls        Sophie Goode, Emma Inglis   (HS)



            Chinese                       All Year 2 (with Clara)

              & Lantern holders*    (‘extra’ -to be selected)


            Dragon Dance             --- to be confirmed and cast


            Mirliltons                     Kate/Evelyn, Anika (HS)



                        Sherbets          All Year 4

                        Sweets             All Year 1

                        Pas de deux     Charlotte Kyle and Tom Simpson

                        Solo                 Sara Yu

                        Reprise            all the above Bon Bons, with Clara


Waltz of the Flowers (flower types and colours yet to be determined)

            Pas de six                   Tehya, Tegan, Lily, Lucy, Alice, Milla

            Flowers                       All Year 5 & 6 girls                           

            Caveliers                     Christian and Fraser   

            Flower Fairies             All Year 3

FINALE - most of the above



SCENE 2: ‘The Return Home 


Sugar Plum, Angels, Dross, Clara, Nutcracker, Little Clara 

FINALE - all 





* parts with an asterix indicate additional small role that is considered an ‘extra’ in a scene. To have an ‘extra’ part, students can only be included if they fit the available costumes. For that reason I haven’t allocated these small ‘extra’ parts yet.  If the part needs costumes that are on hire to us (and therefore a set number and set sizes that we CAN’T add to or alter) selection will be based on costume fit.

ATTENDANCE: it is vital that all attend each week and the November Theatre Rehearsal – all times for those have been published since Term 1 –and are listed below again. Girls who are en pointe need to always come ready with correct shoes! If you can’t attend for any reason, you must endeavour to catch up!

LAST Friday of TERM 3 – we will hold our regular lunchtime for Year 7 & 8 rehearsal – so please come directly to the studio at the end of the half school day, with lunch and your gear.  We will rehearse until 1.30pm.  This is important as you already will be missing a Friday in Term 4 to Show Day (giving us just 5 Fridays in Term 4!) and we start your production work late due to Year 8 ballet exams.

Annual Production Dates:

Sunday Rehearsals - 12th and 26th of November

Dress Rehearsal - Wed 29th Nov (Junior Dept to watch one of the two Acts – no other viewing)

TWO SCHOOL SHOWS - Friday morning December 1st (a small allocation of tickets will be on sale)

TWO FAMILY SHOWS - Saturday afternoon December 2nd

Show times yet to be finalized.

Lead roles: you may have short  rehearsals on the afternoons of Saturday 11th and/or Saturday 25th November.  Please leave these free and we will decide if this time is needed closer to the dates.

An Information Booklet with a comprehensive timetable is published early in Term 4.


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