The Role of Gender

Monday Afternoon

Period 6

St Andrew's College

Room: TBA


Areas of Study: Gender plays an important role in our lives. It determines how we express ourselves, how others treat us, and what we do for our careers. Learning more about gender gives us the ability to better understand our place in the world.

  • Femininity and masculinity: telling girls to act like a lady and boys not to cry;
  • Gender equality: a myth or a real possibility;
  • Comparisons with other cultures.

Training Provider:  Kara Kennedy

Kara is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Canterbury focusing on women in mid-twentieth century science fiction. She also researches in the growing field of Digital Humanities and has recently published on the need for more digital literacy in education.

Training Fee:           $20.00

Class Size:               8-10 students


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